Webmuch is a SaaS (Software as a Service) focussed web software development start-up working intensively to release business intelligence apps over the cloud. Our efforts towards our products are sustained through regular agency work. We bring innovative ideas to life for start-ups, create online avenues for new and existing businesses, help managers better manage their business by providing supporting software. We combine creative design, innovative ideas and technical expertise to fashion outstanding software solutions.

Webmuch helps businesses modernize their legacy manual workflows with customized cloud and IT solutions. Webmuch structurally solves the issues such as privacy & access controls, marketing automation, multi-level approval process, trust & signature systems. These problems are becoming ever more challenging with different computing models in the existing market. Webmuch offers holistic solutions by getting into the nitty gritties of the manual systems, researching the workflows, documenting complete systems and involved entities.

Webmuch’s platform-driven approach is focussed on providing innovative products for each of its individual customer. With a tested data-mining based platform at the heart of a full featured business intelligence app, Webmuch moves to improve business right off the bat. Webmuch also helps customers, transform their current legacy IT infrastructures into a domain specific intelligent workflow based architecture.


Webmuch Software works with the view of making clean and beautiful software. Webmuch Offers various technology and business services to help businesses perform better and deliver positive results. Our business intelligence apps provide business managers with analytical support and help them to make better decisions. As part of social media campaigns, Webmuch makes straight out marketing (landing pages) and commercial websites for companies looking to build online presence, Webmuch brings commerce workflows online with E-Commerce, CRMs, ERPs, etc.

Symfony Development

Symfony2 is an enterprise grade PHP development framework. Security audited, sophisticated object oriented architecture, latest techniques and large community support makes it an ideal development platform for enterprise applications. Webmuch excels at creating Symfony2 framework backed applications.

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App Branding & Design

Branding and designing an application/website is a particularly important task, it's what the end-user looks at and uses, especially in a multi-device ecosystem, it is becoming more and more important to be available on all smartphones, tablets, desktops and more. Webmuch has UI/UX teams who research the tiniest of details about the application to create the perfect application experience for your users.

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WordPress Development

Webmuch started as a WordPress based technical blog back in 2007, since then we've seen WordPress grow into a full fledged CMS. 7 years down and WordPress is our tool of choice for any simplified CMS web project.

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Mobile Development

Mobile presence is a unsaid necessity for any organization looking for online presence. Webmuch creates web based and native applications for Android, iOS, etc.

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Web Application

Web Application development is the corner stone of Webmuch developments, from lightweight API’s supporting mobile and web frontends to enterprise grade finance management systems, we make secure framework backed applications.

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Java Development

Java Development team at Webmuch managed to create an OS agnostic system cleaner as a pilot project for the Java team at Webmuch. We look to Java for larger & more enterprise ready projects.

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IT Consulting

Webmuch consults companies to create the best of business models y offering them world class realistic I.T. research. Everything from the right I.T. vendors to realitics & in-budget ideas, we do it all.

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