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Symfony Custom Development & APIs

Symfony Development

Symfony is an enterprise grade framework built with 30 decoupled components which implement common features that are needed to develop various applications. Webmuch developers excel at using the framework, we offer Symfony custom development services to create highly complex & capable applications.

Why Symfony

  • Open Source

    Symfony is a 100% open source framework used by many large organizations like the BBC, CBS, National Geographic and has been used to create large scale websites like BlaBlaCar, NetGeo Play and many more.

  • Interoperability

    Symfony & Symfony Components power many CMS & Publishing platforms like Drupal, eZpublish and even frameworks like PPI, Laravel, etc. Interoperability is easy when intagrating with such platforms

  • Stability

    Symfony is created & maintained Sensio Labs, supported and funded by many other, the project has a very secure future. With such stable and reliable softwares it becomes easy to switch development teams.

  • Scalability

    Symfony comes with a Cache component that provides an implementation for adding caching to applications. This helps speed & scale up applications using caches like APC, Redis, etc.

Language Agnostic Development

Even though Webmuch specializes in Symfony Development, we are largely a language and device agnostic organization. We have created everything from Hybrid Mobile Applications to Native Mobile Applications, from Web Application to API Applications with numerous technologies like PHP, Java, Node.js, AngularJS, ReactJS, React Native, etc. We also have customized ERP/CRM building experience under our belt using the Business Application Platform ORO & OROCRM.

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