YouTube Shut Down – April 1, 2013

YouTube can be considered as the world of videos, a part of our everyday lives. There is a really sad news that YouTube has announced today. YouTube is shutting down on the 1st of April, as announced by YouTube via this video below.

8 years ago, YouTube started off as a competition, the competition to find the best video on the website. But, it seems like everyone has forgotten about that competition because of the extreme amount of entertainment on the website.

Google has been cleaning themselves up by shutting down their important parts. In the recent past, Google shut down their Reader and now the YouTube shut down.

Unfortunately again, now it’s time for the world’s largest and biggest video hosting site to shut down.

It is being said that the website will not reignite until 2023. The point being, will people even remember YouTube by 2023?


It is also possible that the YouTube shut down is a game that Google is playing. April Fool’s Day, the 1st of April is the date that Google has chosen to shut the biggie down. If this news is true, we’ll miss you YouTube. But if you’re fooling us, we caught you already.

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