Yahoo Mail Classic To Be Discontinued From 3rd June

The older versions of the email clients of yahoo are to be discontinued. The mail classic is also included in it. It is to be in effect from 3rd June, the first day of this week. It was said by Yahoo Mail Post that Yahoo Mail Classic will no longer be available. In addition to this, users will only be able to access their Yahoo accounts only upon updating the latest version. This is to be with effect from Monday and to be continued later on.

The company also said that it will not be surprising for the users because they have already received an email before. The email had informed about this major update to the users. User accessing the new version of the mail service of yahoo implies that they have accepted Privacy policy and terms of Service. These have been related to the communication of the users. Besides this it also includes the acceptance of content scanning in an automated manner. Users will be analyzing the communication content that will be used to deliver the product features of yahoo.

The communication content will also be used for protecting abuses and for relevant advertisement. The users wish to have contextual ads will be able to do so by changing the settlings of the content manager of Yahoo. This will be done by Yahoo Interest Ad Manager. There are two options that have been laid out by Yahoo to use the new version of the email client. The first option is to download the Yahoo mail by using IMAP and the second option is to simple close the account. It was last December when Yahoo has undergone a redesign.

It will be unveiling the change that has been made to the web, windows 8 apps, iOS and Android. There are a few buttons surrounded in new version of the web based screen thereby making it more convenient for the users. More space has been allotted to compose band view emails and will be able to improve the search. The company has designed the new version keeping a speed in mind. Mails will be able there in your inbox at a faster rate.

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