XCom Comeback

Chosen to be released on November 12 in north America and 15 internationally XCOM has made a comeback. There was an announcement by the 2k and the Firaxis recently about this. Enemy within is the title of the sequel of its part called XCOM: enemy unknown. This sequel is upgraded with lot of tools and new features. Right from supernatural abilities to new weapons it has been efficiently build up.2k reveals that new content is supporting the expansion that paves way for an build up of three to four play through to encounter.Enemy is compatible with pc and Mac costing around for $29.99 in North America.

Called the commander edition it a unique box which holds all XCOM.The expansion have the earmarks of soldier abilities, multi player and new weapons and tools. Christoph Hartmann, president says they have developed and updated with astonishing features is to make the bond strong that people have made with our brand. It would let them know that we are taking steps to increase their satisfaction. Enemy within will be an new experience for the Xcom lovers. Lead designer Ananda Gupta informs that we sweared to create magnificent expansion as much we did for the other.And we wanted to give the same experience to the players. Enemy expansion will make our fans more than just love it. And for first timers this would definitely taken them through a joy ride

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