Xbox One Will Support Eight Controllers At A Time

Microsoft has posted new details about Xbox One, that it can support upto eight controllers at once, and each device will have a range of 30 feet (around 9.1 meters).

The Xbox One will be in market from this November with single controller while additional controllers can be purchased for roughly $59 in stores once released, with Microsoft sharing more and more details about its next-gen console, which has seen quite a few changes in recent months after its initial announcement.

New product page for the Xbox One controller has shared a few fresh details.

First up,the previous Xbox 360 supports only four controllers at a time showing an improvement by Xbox handling 8 controllers, and Microsoft have confirmed that it is working on a way to make Xbox 360 controllers compatible with the new system.

What’s more, the official page has the info which states that the controllers will also have a 30-foot(9.1 meters) wireless range which is pretty much similar to Xbox 360.

You will be surprised more and more by them as the dates get closer to November.

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