Xbox One To Be Launched In Only 21 Countries

Confusing Statement by Microsoft had pissed up the users too. The statement was given by the company this week and it was related to the policies of Xbox One. These policies described the way the console will work round the globe. The earlier part of this week came up with a guide that spoke about the pre-ordering of Xbox One. The guide said that the console will be launched in 21 countries and that too, in November. The strangeness in the news is yet to come, when the company announced the restriction of the region of the console.

The games of Xbox One are meant for the purpose of distribution and activation in certain geographical regions of the world. The product information of the retailer and its game package has been mentioned in the guide. The guide also covered the specific geographical region of the package details. There is no doubt that this news is alarming for the gamers, but also lacks in specific information. There were further questions regarding this announcement, the first being : ‘will it work, if the game is activated in foreign region for the first time?’

The second question was related to the number of specific regions that will be coming up with the console. Army Times told that certain things were clarified later on by a representative of Microsoft. There are a few conveniences for the military personals that have the freedom to take the Xbox One. They do not have to face any issues regarding the game and can play it till the time it is activated. This is possible from the time it is activated in the United States of America.

Your Xbox One game will be accompanied to anywhere you go and you can enjoy it as much as you can without any issues. Xbox One’s twitter account answered the questions of the users about the consoles that are region free. It also said that there is no probability of Xbox one to work if it is not a part of the 21 countries in the list.

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