Xbox One Title Quantum Break Described As “A Little Bit Of Crazy”

A new developer journal of sorts has been published by Remedy Entertainment, developer of Xbox One title: Quantum Break. They’ve uploaded a “Behind the scenes trailer.” The game will feature the fusion of a TV series and a shooting game. And it’s also been described as “a little bit of crazy” by Sam Lake, the boss of the entire studio.

According to the basic plot of the game, ‘Time’ itself is crumbling, and the players have to ensure their survival. According to Lake, the players will have the option to make their own decisions throughout the game, which sets their path and influences their gameplay experience. The developers have worked hard on the character sketches, so that they’re perfectly compatible with however they want the game to turn out, with an impressive story. You can check out the ‘Behind the scenes’ trailer, as well as the Xbox One game’s trailer (that was revealed at the E3), below.

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