Xbox One Launch Title Killer Instinct Is “The World’s Most Generous Demo”, Microsoft Has Said

Last week Microsoft revealed exactly how it intends to offer fighting game Killer Instinct to gamers on Xbox One launch day.Its basically a free play game but only upto limited scale, if you want to get the full access i.e. fully featured title then you need to pay.

Microsoft is using the fact the game is playable for free to claim Killer Instinct is the “world’s most generous demo”.But I would like to argue on their statement that its a free-play-game,its a technique that has been used countless times before.

The free version of the game will have only one playable character in the form of Jago. In the greed if you want more then it will cost $4.99 each, with five others available from launch.You can buy the Combo Breaker pack, though, which gets you all six playable characters for $19.99 alongside two more DLC players that you get earlier than anyone else.

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