An Xbox One Controller That Emits Scent Can Be Seen In Near Future

In the first of a series of covert articles on the event of the Xbox One controller, there is one on the new and improved gamepad covered by Gamesbeat. “When we started this program, I went and said, ‘Hey, we want to accept redesigning the Xbox 360 controller.’ The reaction was vociferously negative,” aforementioned Xbox head for accessories Zulfi Alam. “‘Are you guys crazy? This is often the best-in-class controller, individuals love this.'” The end result’s not drastically different from the Xbox 360 controller however there have been considerably a lot of experimental styles on the means, as is usually the case. “We checked out ideas like adding displays to the controller. We tend to checked out ideas like adding smell.” according to Alam, “as you walked through a jungle [in-game], you’d smell the flora.” Ideas involving screens and those on the gamepad itself were eventually ditched. Microsoft wished to stay the main target on TV and there were also considerations over battery life. All told, over $100 million was spent on the Xbox One controller

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