Xbox Live To Compensate For The Difference In Currency Conversion

It was reported earlier that the new Xbox Live beta, which converts Microsoft Points into local currency, are an error. Now Microsoft has announced that these users will be compensated for the difference. The pricing changes, as per beta users in UK and other places, summed up to an increase ranging from 11 to 25 percent depending on the original Microsoft Point cost of the item.

Users in the beta  had complained about this disparity in the pricing over Reddit and other social media. Kotaku, then, reached out to Microsoft for a response, particularly with regard to its plans for currency conversion in the United States, where 1,600 Microsoft Points cost $19.99.

A Microsoft representative said, “The disparity in U.K. and European pricing is an unintended error that we are in the process of fixing. We’ll be reimbursing impacted beta participants for the difference in what was paid and what the price will be after the update is available to all members. Beta programs give us a chance to test, fix and correct issues like this. As with all betas, we take the learnings from our program and make corrections and adjustments prior to the update being available to all members.

This means that the users will have to wait until the public launch to be compensated for the difference.

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