Xbox Live Issues Regarding Matchmaking Faced By Users, Microsoft’s Working On It

Xbox Live users may be experiencing some issues-they might find themselves unable to join other users in online games. And Silver members may be unable to load saved games on Minecraft. But not to worry, Microsoft is working on these issues.

Microsoft has posted a message for these Xbox Live issues on their official site, addressing the users, “Users may experience difficulties with the following services: Joining other Xbox LIVE members in online games. Affecting the following LIVE Platforms: Xbox 360 Console. We’re aware Silver members are experiencing problems attempting to load saved games in Minecraft. Thanks for being patient as we work to fix this issue! We’ll post an updated message for you when we have more information.

Earlier today, Xbox Live users faced problems dealing with payment for downloadable content via credit card for games on Xbox 360, Windows Live, Windows Phone, Windows 8, and Zune PC Client, but the Microsoft team seems to have fixed that.

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