Xbox Executive Says, “Debating Console Specs Is Pointless”

Xbox executive says that debating which consoles guts are more powerful is pointless, as people are arguing things which they don’t have any idea about. He is right and then moved on to advertise his console’s entrails.

Albert Penello, the chief of product planning for Xbox told official Xbox magazine that, they actually go out and they talk about how proud they are about their off-the shelf parts. He says, “Our guys will say, we touched every single component in the box and everything there is tweaked for best performance.”

Penello asked, “If eSRAM and DDR and other e-peen acronyms are so far beyond the grasp of a civilian audience, then why would they give an importance if engineers used their off-the-shelf parts than Microsoft lab coats tinkering inside?”

Hardware does matter always and Xbox 360 is poorly designed with Red-Ring overheating issues, through the inferior disc drive and the constantly running chainsaw of a fan. The early models required an external device to enable Wi-Fi facility. The backward capability is what people still care about, which also face a serious problem. The trap door for the USB port on the Xbox 360 is not necessary but it has a quality of life issue. It is better to discuss about the decisions and features that affect the gamer’s like the DRM policies of Xbox. Besides the identical content of both the boxes, everybody knows about that it will be still an inferior issue to a gaming PC.

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