Xbox And PS3 The Latest Versions Of Payday 2 Available For Pre-Orders

Users are now going to net themselves with some of additional games in the perk. It is especially for those users who have signed up for payday 2, the latest heist of Overkill. Users will be able to yield the Loot bag DLC Pack before ordering PS3 or Xbox 360. The Loot bag pack includes a fistful of game cash, exclusive masks and a weapon sight of red dot. The version of Payday 2 namely PS3 and Xbox 360 are priced at $39.99. They are available for pre-orders from the time it has been launched.

You are lucky who if you are applying for a pre-order. There are yet additional things from the ones that have been mentioned previously some of which are a skull mask, red and black mask and a mask that has ‘I LOVE OVERKILL’ written on it. Latest release has also confirmed that these Loot bags will be available among the retailers. There is a double price incentive of pre-orders when users have to buy the steam version of Payday 2. One incentive is on the Loot bag DLC and the other is on Career Criminal Edition.

The contents of Loot bag DLC are priced at $29.99 and Career criminal Edition is priced at $49.99. Payday 2 will be released on August in PlayStation Network. The Loot bag DLC has the original soundtrack of Payday 2. It is comprised of two beta keys and CDrime.Net Deal. Two Beta keys are for your friend and you. That is, you have to keep one key with you and the other will be with your friend. The Deal is mainly to receive discounts in game on different purchase of Payday 2. also has the guide for the criminal underworld. The famous Bain’s guide is of great help for the user. Bain’s guide of Crime Boss is the digital version and should have a guide for heisting. It comprises of the blueprints for heist. The new trailer of gameplay will give you through view of the game. It will give you the fun to rob along with your friends. Check it out for yourself.

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