‘World Of Warcraft’ The Movie May Feature Paula Patton

Paula Patton is believed to be in talks to join the cast of the movie adaptation of the famous video game ‘World of Warcraft’. It will be produced by Legendary Pictures and Atlas Entertainment. Duncan Jones has been roped in to direct the movie.

No contract has been signed and no deal has been made as of yet. However, assuming that Paula agrees to be a part of the adaptation, she would join Colin Farrell, as he has been offered the lead role in the movie. ‘World of Warcraft’ fans need to wait for confirmation.

‘World of Warcraft’ involves a lot of mighty heroes in an online and virtual world of magic, myth and boundless adventure. Jagged, snowy peaks and vast mountains would be the primary setting of the movie. With winding canyons and zeppelins flying over the battlefield, the world of Warcraft invites everybody to be a part of it. Epic battles between sieges are not to be missed. A host of experiences await ‘World of Warcraft’ fans. The word is that the shooting of the movie will begin this January.

Patton has been very busy for the past few months. She is a part of David.E.Talbert’s adaptation of Baggage Claim. The rom-com will release worldwide this weekend.

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