World Of Tanks Is Proof That “Free To Play” Games Are “The Future”

World of Tanks is proof that “free to play” games on Xbox are “the future”, as stated by Victor Kislyi (Developer of World of Tanks). He said that Microsoft is a huge company, with a big number of partners – publishers and developers. So, it does takes some effort and also political persistence to get everyone to realize just how important it is for Microsoft and the Xbox platform to allow free-to-play, digital and online elements.

According to him, that’s the future and they also have the financial proof; that is how it works, and it’s not only Microsoft. A couple of other big companies are succeeding at providing free to play games online. Providing a bunch of free games to play online doesn’t benefit on the release date, as these kind of games take lot of months or even years to make profit.

When they launch the game, that’s when the work starts- it’s true for PC and Xbox games.

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