Winning Apps Are Eligible For Prizes That Range Between $50,000 And $200,000

Samsung and Intel are working on the idea that a little bit of cash will provide a kickass interest in Tizen, their upstart operating system.

Tizen represents a chance for Samsung to wean itself off its reliance on Google’s Android operating system and offer a phone running on software it has a direct hand in developing. While Tizen is open, the initial work has been largely guided by Samsung and Intel. For Intel, aligning itself with a new operating system could eventually yield greater interest in its mobile chips.

Hurdles in Tizen journey- The journey of Tizen had not been a very smooth ride as it faced many challenges as every other young operating system: garnering developer support for an app ecosystems.Platforms such as BlackBerry 10 and Windows Phone face, as well as other newer platforms such as Firefox and Ubuntu.

All about the prize- The top game will get the $200,000 grand prize, with the best non-game app winning $120,000. In addition, the top 10 HTML 5-based apps will win $50,000 each. In total, there are $4.04 million in prizes that will be awarded to 50 developers in nine categories.
However Eager fans still have to wait till December.

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