Wikileak Released An Un-Openable ‘Insurance’ File

A massive ‘Insurance’ file has been released by the Anti-secrecy Organization that nobody can open. Wikileaks has released a treasure trove of files; that at least for now, no one can read.

The group posted certain links for about 400 Gigabytes of files on their Facebook page on Saturday asking their fans to download and mirror them somewhere else. It has been revealed that the group has been assisting ex-NSA contractor Edward Snowden after he leaked the top-secret documents to the social media.

Screen Shot 2013-08-18 at 11.47.50 PM

Same message about ‘Insurance’ files, was posted by the firm on Twitter. One can download the files via torrent, however; one wont’ be able to open them. One thing can be interpreted from the file names itself that, they mostly have a high level encryption as the term ‘aes’ in the filename ‘aes256’ likely stands for Advanced Encryption Standard- 256 bits.

It’s a method to lock up your files which even the NSA has approved to be used on top secret data. Although there has been lot of speculation about the contents, can anyone guess now, What is in these files ?

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