WeChat Received 700,000 Customers Already

WeChat service of China has received an amazing feedback on its first day revelation to public. WeChat service is a SIM card joint venture of China Unicom and Tencent, an internet colossal in China.

It is reported that above 700,000 people have ordered for the SIM and the company was taking the pre-orders during the night. It is worth to note that people who gave orders for the SIM belongs to one province of China. With 105 million populations, Weixin Woka, the SIM card company is expecting to get more users soon.

The SIM card is expected to be sold from 8th August with many attractive packages. It is reported that the new SIM offers many features when compared to other companies.

The SIM is updated further with payment services, sticker store etc… This also will encourage more demand for the SIM. There are more plans to come out and one such includes the 2GB plan for Weixin.

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