Wearable Artificial Pancreas Approved By FDA

We are one more step ahead in the field of Medical Science, as FDA has just approved a device that acts as stand-in for one organ in particular: the pancreas. This device is made by Minneapolis-based Medtronic and can be termed as an artificial pancreas.

To measure the level of diabetes there are two types, Type-1 which is also known as juvenile diabetes and is a disease in which the body’s insulin-producing beta cells in the pancreas have been destroyed by an autoimmune response. And this device is made to detect and maintain the insulin levels of patients with type-1 diabetes. On the other hand, in the Type-2 case there is no way to prevent the development of the disease.

This device is called MiniMed 530G, and it consists of a blood sugar probe and a pump. This machine will work according to the Computer Algorithm as it is designed to maintain the blood sugar. Medtronic says that selling of this device will begin in few weeks.

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