Warner Bros. Plans For A Space Jam Sequel

According to the Deadline Hollywood, Warner Bros. is planning a Space Jam sequel. The studio whose animation films have awarded them with good reviews with The Lego Movie ruling the box office, The studio have planned for some huge profits. NBA MVP LeBron James will reportedly, with Charlie Ebersol’s as producer for the project. Ebersol’s brother, Willie Ebersol, who won an Emmy for producing the TV broadcast of the London Olympics, has written the screenplay – his first.

Jon Berg is production executive on the project at Warner Bros.  The original 1996 film wound up grossing $230M worldwide. With so many possibilities and scenarios for the Looney Tunes stars to appear in feature length format, a Space Jam sequel would be the last thing to plan. However, if it takes a project like this to keep Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck and Porky Pig to bring them together on the big screens gaining the attention of the audience, and if this is what it will take the studio to bring on some more exiting animation project, then it is a positive approach for profitable outcome.

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