Wargaming.net League eSports Grand Finale To Be Held In Poland In April

Wargaming has released the details for the upcoming and highly anticipated eSports Grand Finale. The final stage has been set in Warsaw, Poland for April 4 and will go on till April 6.
The grand finals will see the best and the most talented players from all over the globe next month competing together. From the huge participation of the talented lot, fourteen groups will go into qualification matches, knockouts, some tournaments and then the championship in those 3 days. Mohamed Fadl, the eSports Director at Wargaming seems to be quite excited about the Finals.

“In the first year of the Wargaming.net League we have seen tears of joy and tears of anger from some of the best World of Tanks players around the entire world,” he said. “The Grand Finale in Poland is going to act as the ultimate climax of this intense competition, and we are getting impatient to finally crown our very first world champion,” he further added.

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