Ward Declared No More Racing Games From Criterion

Criterion Studio, the famous maker of the racing games, Road Rash, Need for Speed and Burnout, is moving out of its favourite territory. According to the tweets of Alex Ward, Criterion creative director, the production house is now planning for something new and something more spectacular. The company has made its strong feet in the gaming industry through its amazing speed games. For over a decade, the company is into making racing games and have gained extreme popularity amongst the gamers; the declaration of Ward that the company is moving away from racing games obviously come as a surprise to the racing game fans.

Rumours were floating for quite some time that the Criterion team is working on production of a sequel of one of their most popular racing games. Speculations were on that a sequel of Burnout or Need for Speed is to roll out from the kitchen of the studio any time. All these rumours had to flee of their lives with the declaration of Ward that the team is not working on any sequel of any of their speed games. He also added, not only that the team is not working on a sequel but as a matter of fact, they are not even about to produce any racing games in near future; they are planning for a new surprise, but it is a lot early to announce or talk about that.

From the tweet of Ward, it is clear that Criterion is leaving the field of speed games. It should be noted that Criterion is in the payroll of Electronic Art, and the company has earned a bad name about letting their wings try something new. Ward also left hints that the team faced some difficulty while working on the sequel of Black and the right time to talk on that has not yet arrived. He thanked the Criterion fans for their continued support and also stated that the studio will surely come up with another racing game when it feels right and for the time let the creative people work on something more creative.

Future plans and products of the company are totally unknown till now, but words of Ward keep us waiting for another great creation from the house.

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