Walter Smith In Support Of The Changes On Board

After stepping down as a Chairman at Ibrox Walter Smith is convincing Rangers fans to show support to the boardroom changes. He was pretty much seen referring to the ‘Dysfunctional Environment’ that he noticed at the board level. A general meeting of share holders will be taking place soon which was requested by Smith.

He is now seen asking and convincing everyone to back the proposed changes to restore the stability and integrity. At the age 65, Smith is asking the club to give a chance to his successor Ally McCoist to manage the club with a conditions similar to those which were applied on his predecessors. Jim McColl, a Scottish Businessman who is supposedly running a group which is seen keen to wrest control from the regime which is currently led by Chief executive Craig Mather.

With the struggle for the empowerment Smith is supporting former director Paul Murray and Frank Blin to hop in with the board although he was pretty convinced with the results shown by Mather and hoped for his continuation. He also said that he has been through many difficult decisions as a Manager but none was as confusing as this.

He has also been involved in failure to take over with McColl soon after Charles Green’s consortium purchased the liquidation-bound club’s business and assets last June. He was invited by Green at the end of May to join the board to take up non-executive post of chairman.

Saying that Resignation was the only option left for him the Scottish boss could not last long in that position. After quitting as a Cheif Executive in April Green would be seen returning in the consultant’s capacity. It has immediately angered McCoist by warning the manager to win the cup in any condition.

Smith expressed his sympathy towards his assistant saying, “With respect to Mr.Alistair McCoist, it is important that we all appreciate that no other Rangers manager has had to work with poorer or more trying circumstances.”After Winning 21 major trophies in his two spells as Rangers Manager and turning his focus towards the fans many representative groups were showing deep anxiety over the departure of Smith.

He stated that they have suffered agonies and tortures over the last two years but can be proud of their contribution .They didn’t waver in their support of their club and that they have been absolutely the one outstanding feature of this club.

He further added, “Indeed, they are a reminder to those in the boardroom that directors have the massive and ultimate responsibility of protecting, serving and nourishing this club for the benefit of the fans and not an individual or any associates. Stepping away from this club is heart breaking but I will always be grateful for the support Rangers fans have given me down through the years.”

30% of the shares are seem to be held by the share holders who are calling for the change in Rangers but hope to persuade to get the majority.21 days were given to the Rangers to respond to requisition but more 21 days would be allotted to constitute an extraordinary general meeting to vote on the request if they deem it viable.

Mather was really feeling low about Smith’s decision to resign but is pretty confident on taking up the ill-timed challenge as he gave his word that he will not let club face a defeat.

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