Victor Oladipo On Number 2 In NBA DRAFT – With Google Glass

NBA drafts can be a celebration for some and be a nightmare for some. In previous years one could rely on Golden State Warriors to draft high and chose someone whose name is not so popular and less heard. This year’s draft disappointed many but brought celebration for all Oladipo’s fans.

Indiana University’s Victor Oladipo decided to see the world from new eyes and to gain experience of an all new different levels by wearing Google Glass, he was chosen by the Orlando Magic and seems very image-aware as it might be shocking for people that he didn’t master in comparative literature but in sports communication broadcast.

As he was chosen by ORLANDO MAGIC the news took no time to spread and soon Oladipo name was everywhere.

Tom Lorenzo spotted Oladipo who seemed very happy with those new technologically advanced pair of glasses—GOOGLE GLASS!

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