Verizon To Support Ubuntu Touch

Ubuntu Touch is projected to be released in public by April 2014, and the biggest hindrance in this deadline of supporting carrier partners has been solved to much exent today by Verizon’s announcement to support Ubuntu Touch.

The carriers that were on Canonical’s Carrier Advisory board before addition of Verizon, were a mere nine , none of’em being US. Inclusion of Verizon US giant in the group, will surely hike the buzz on Canonical’s Touch venture. Sprint’s has already moved in Firefox court. The CAG doors for exclusive membership will close by the end of July, so club exclusivity phenomena might attract some other big US carriers, like AT&T, on board.
Well this doesn’t mean Verizon is pulling the plugs on earlier deals with other partners leaving their valuable customers in frenzy.They still are not locked in to releasing an Ubuntu Touch device. It’s entirely just in case the platform takes off, allowing company to boast of it farsightedness.

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