Verizon Innovation Center Expanded in San Francisco

On Tuesday, Verizon inaugurated its newly expanded Verizon Innovation Center in San Francisco, its main stream is networking and platform technology as well as the collaborative work the carrier engages in with a broad ecosystem of business partners.

The First Innovation Center of Verizon was opened in Waltham, Mass. “Connecting people to people and people to things and things to things solves a huge number of problems in the world today. We recognize that collaboration and partnership is vital to solving some of these most challenging problems … and we feel Verizon’s networks and platforms are a critical catalyst to having these solutions come together and to life,” Tony Melone said.

Verizon has some of the biggest names in technology as its partners, some of them are Cisco, Microsoft, Samsung, and Apple. But on Tuesday, some of the smaller companies joined in opening its expanded Innovation Center.

Martin and other Verizon partners were also spotted for the opening of the partner showcase section of the expanded Verizon Innovation Center, as it includes a small theater that seats 30 and an entry area.

Melone said that, Verizon is not trying to make any direct money from its pair of Innovation Centers and the consumers used to seeing ads for the carrier’s LTE network aren’t the target for the splashy new San Francisco installation.

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