Vegetable Flavoured Ice-Cream by Haagen Dazs

Vanilla ice cream, chocolate ice cream, strawberry ice cream; find anything interesting or unique in here? Obviously not. Well, how about this?- Carrot ice cream, tomato ice cream; now what do you think? Well, that has become a reality in Japan as Vegetable Flavoured Ice-Cream by Haagen Dazs. Dazs has come up with ice cream flavours like Carrot Orange and Tomato Cherry. These flavours are part of the Haagen-Dazs Japan’s “Spoon Vege” line.

A vegetable-flavored ice cream sounds inept but it seems to be for those health conscious guns out there. It is because of two reasons, one they contain veggies in them and two, because they have half the fat of traditional Haagen-Dazs products. There will be two flavours as of now and they will probably make their entry into Japanese markets by the mid of May.

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