Vasquez, Grooveshark Executive Was Allegedly Shot In St. Petersburg

Grooveshark, a music streaming company has lost its top executive, as he was shot and killed early Saturday in St. Petersburg. A 27 years old Eddy Vasquez, director of international sales and had worked with Grooveshark since 2011 was shot twice in the chest by 26-years-old Andres Rodriguez Torres, who was his former classmate at the University of South Florida.

“It’s awful cause Eddy is a young guy like we’re all young and we don’t think that we’re not going to see each other again and the fact that he was murdered is just unbelievable… I just really can’t believe it,” Mitchell said.

It all happened after a verbal argument between Vasquez and Andres Torres. Meanwhile, Torres was arrested at his apartment around 9 a.m. Saturday with charges of armed kidnapping and second-degree murder.

Grooveshark, devastated by the loss released a statement that reads: “Grooveshark as a company mourns the tragic loss of one of its employees, Eddy D. Vasquez. Mr. Vasquez was visiting friends and family in the Tampa Bay area over the weekend when he fell victim to a senseless act of violence.”

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