Ultra Street Fighter 4’s Fifth Character’s Teaser Look Shown

Ultra Street Fighter 4′s mysterious roster addition is female and associated with the comics somehow, in keeping with the most recent teaser. Series lead Yoshinori Ono announced the new character’s gender at Capcom Cup, with producer Tomoaki Ayano confirming in an interview Famitsu interview translated by Shoryuken late last year.

It looks like Retsu has been ruled out, despite showing in art related to the game; Ayano conjointly noted that it’s “just a rumour” that the new character’s name starts with R.

Meanwhile, a leading tabloid proved accurate after the fact and has received a tip that the character appears within the Street Fighter comics – most probably The Japanese Manga.

ultra street fighter 4

Shoryuken suspects Sarai Kurosawa, a friend of Ibuki who appeared in the UDON manga series and Ibuki’s Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike ending, and made a cameo in Street Fighter x Tekken.

Ultra Street Fighter 4 is going to be available in northern spring as a $40 standalone retail purchase or a $15 DLC upgrade to the existing game for PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. It’s not yet planned to be released for PS4, Wii U or Xbox One.

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