UK Willing To Test Self Driving Cars On Public Roads From This Year

Ever wondered if a car can be driven without you or any driver operating it?

Soon the wait will be over for observing driverless car on roads as UK willing to test self driving cars on public roads from this year.

Giving further details it was assured that for now, driverless cars will only be tested in a semi-autonomous mode that still lets the driver jump in and take control if something goes wrong . Wondering how this magic will happen?

It relies on lasers and cameras to steer the car in the right direction, eventually learning enough about the driver’s habits to take control and is currently being tested on private roads by Oxford University and Nissan.

A report from the country’s Department of Transport in UK gives a rundown of the plans about which it firmly believes will result in lower congestion and also improve safety on roads — part of a £50 billion investment aimed at upgrading the country’s roads. However people still have to wait for fully autonomous cars which can be expected to see on roads not before than 25 years confirmed by The Ministry of Transport.

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