Ubisoft Toronto MD Talks About The Studio’s Upcoming Projects

Ubisoft Toronto is presently working upon five new titles, according to the studio’s beautiful MD Jade Raymond.

Speaking to a leading news channel during a recent studio tour, Raymond said the Toronto studio – that last year shipped Splinter Cell: Blacklist – is working on many titles that have yet to be discovered. “There are undoubtedly plenty of plates spinning,” she said. “None of them have been proclaimed.”

It’s possible that one of these titles could be the next instalment in the Assassin’s Creed series. Last month Raymond discovered that the next game within the series will happen in her favourite historical area.

She also confirmed in that it will not happen in feudal Japan though. Raymond also mentioned Ubisoft’s movies and film interests, stating that the company’s strengths lay in gaming first. “Our business is creating games, therefore we’ve to make certain we’re making smart games, first and foremost,” the MD said.

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