Two More Tale Series Registrations Made

Namco Bandai has muddied the waters to a small degree more by creating two more Tales series trademark registrations sooner than an anticipated new core title reveal.

The publisher of the series trademarked Tales of Asteria and Tales of Kanade in Japan earlier this month, according to a report.

The two titles might relate to the approaching reveal of subsequent mother-ship Tales series entry that we all know is returning because of the launch of a teaser site this week.

We had been banking on the new game being referred to as Tales of Zestiria, as this title was trademarked in Japan, Europe and North America.

There are 14 core or mother-ship entries within the Tales series. The newest to release within the west is Tales of Xillia. Its sequel is due in the west in 2014, having already released in Japan. The franchise typically takes a minimum of six months to be focalised or say kind of localised, and in some instances has not been localised at all.

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