New Twitter Apps For iOS And Android

The run of Twitter to come out of the 140 character tweet demarcation has been started long back. As a part of the next developments, twitter on Wednesday updated the Android and iOS apps with a bouquet of new features. These new versions can be directly downloaded from Google Play or App Store. It is not even a whole month after Twitter expanded its Trends product services to more than 160 countries and cities, and now it has brought the feature to iOS and Android, with new Twitter apps.

This new service will enable the users to access localized data. People using twitter on iOS now can invite friends directly from their apps. Modifications have been done on the working of the replies of re-tweeted tweets, now it will have the name of the original writer and the name of the re-twitter as well, which is not a new thing for the Tweetbot users. Twitter has also updated Vine that works on iOS but its counterpart, Vine for Android is yet to launch.

According to the details of the change, the Twitter 5.6 for iOS, will now have an improved playback of the Vine videos and claims to give the user a more smoother experience which has been possible due to fixing of some of the bugs in the older version. For its Android counterpart, the list of change starts with the increased facility that you can experience with Trends. The new version implements a menu button which is certainly marked to be helpful for switching accounts and can be used for smoother setting operations. And this version also claims to have fixed up some old bugs to give a much smoother experience to the user.

Twitter, the famous microblogging site, acquired the music discovery service, We Are Hunted in the last month, and launched their standalone music app. Vine and photo filters were already there. As a next step of its expansion, we noticed that twitter was in discussion with different Television Networks to add videos in its pages, and finally it came up with the partnership with BBC America. Now these updates to its existing apps make it clear that Twitter is pushing up for a bigger challenge.

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