Twitter May Start Experimenting With ‘Related Tweets’ Function

Twitter is nowadays focusing on rolling out a ‘Related Tweets’ function to smartly show tweets similar to the one you are reading, as they like to experiment the things for the selected users. At present Twitter is on two new experiments might be signs of things to come — or we hope so anyway.

The Next Web, had first spotted the ‘Related Tweets’ features which generally comes when a user is visiting the unique URL for a tweet through the official web client.


It’s not experimentally proved yet but the screenshots taken shows that its working in the decent manner. The tweets features match based on keywords or the similar one from the posters. The words ‘storm’ and ‘Mexico’ were enough to let it connect two tweets about the same subject, but offering different information. Of course, hashtags are a great way to get similar tweets.

We will see the output very soon, a Magic Recs experiment is looking to give what the users are looking at. This is probably just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Twitter’s experiments.

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