Twitter In discussion With Television Networks To Add Video To It’s Pages

Twitter, started in 2006 as a 140 character status update service, is trying its best to make it something more in order to glue the users for more time on the site. The San Francisco based company is reportedly in talking terms with different television networks to provide high quality video content on the pages of Twitter. The Inc. is planning to stream advertising contents and videos on the site.

According to the reports of Bloomberg, presently Twitter is in discussion with Viacom and NBCUniversal about partnerships. Twitter had talks with the Viacom Inc. (VIAB) about posting television clips on the website and promoting advertisements along with it. And according to the sources that declined to be named, the discussion with the Comcast Corp. is also about content sharing. In this context, it should be mentioned that Twitter has existing partnerships with ESPN of Walt Disney Co. and Weather Channel LLC. They have also partnered with Turner Broadcasting System Inc.

None of the news was verified by the Spokesperson for Twitter, Gabriel Stricker, or the spokesperson for NBC, Cameron Blanchard. Mark Jafar, the spokesman for Viacom also declined to comment. But, the people familiar with the on-going discussions are quite sure that one or another of the deals will be sealed by the mid of the month of May. These partnerships will enable Twitter to stream different videos on its site and the revenue generated will be shared between the partner companies.

Though nothing has been confirmed by the concerned officials yet, but it should be marked that Twitter is trying to become a multi entertainment platform, soon. In late January, they introduced Vine, a service to share videos with length of six seconds or less that enabled users to tweet MP4 files. They also came up with their latest Music app recently, and finally all these talks about making the video clips available on twitter pages, clearly indicates the future plans of the company. In fact, this is a wise decision at the part of Twitter as it has already become one of the most favoured platforms for people with similar interests and every second television news mark to the Twitter for a detail.

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