Twitter Has Updated It’s Rules Against Abuse

Twitter UK has updated it’s rules and guidelines against abuse after the recent reports of rape and bomb threats that were posted on the site.

After a lot interaction with the users, the site now has an in-Tweet button to prevent any sort of abuse. Along with that, users will now be directed to Twitter’s blog and the updated version of Twitter’s rules and guidelines.

“We want people to feel safe on Twitter, and we want the Twitter Rules to send a clear message to anyone who thought that such behaviour was, or could ever be, acceptable,” was stated in a post.

On the in-Tweet button, it said, “We introduced an in-Tweet report button in the latest version of the iOS Twitter app and on the mobile web. Rather than going to our Help Centre to file an abuse report, users can report abusive behaviour directly from a Tweet. Starting next month, this button will also be available in our Android app and on”

The rules have a new section, called “Targeted Abuse”, and it basically states that users cannot engage in targeted abuse or harassment. There are different ways to know whether someone is being harassed, like when messages are sent to one person from many accounts, and if the messages are threats of any kind. Twitter will also be working with the UK Safer Internet Centre to make the site safer for everyone.

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