Twitter And BBC America Announce Partnership

The run of Twitter to become much more than just 140 character tweet was evident from its recent talks with the NBCUniversal and Viacom Inc. and now the company has partnered with BBC America, to make its foothold in the TV business. Though nothing has been declared officially and the tweet by BBC America on Thursday evening that served as the source for the news, was not clear enough to get the vivid idea about the agreement, it apparently meant that an agreement between the two companies has been signed according to which the tweeted video will be presented as a companion content of the programs appearing on the BBC America network.

Details of the agreement were not available for reference. CNET has contacted the concerned authority for the detailed information.

Last year, at the time of the Olympic Games, the social networking site had partnered with NBCUniversal, to bring the tweets from the athletes and fans in the limelight, but it was not facilitated to present video. The partnership yielded volume of profit for both parties and attributed huge popularity to the networking site. Presently we can expect that Twitter is working to update their service to a higher level with the addition of the video facility, and all these on- going talks with the Television Networks are a prelude of launching the new services on the site.

Twitter has already started to implement changes in its service to come out of its boundaries, which is sure to be liked by the users. On Thursday, they launched their standalone music discovery app which is a step forward towards expanding the service. Primarily the music app will be available for the iOS platform of Apple and can be downloaded from the App store or from the twitter site. Versions to work on Android are to roll out in a short time.

According to the reports of Bloomberg, Twitter is aggressively targeting the entertainment market, and working with the TV networks to feature contents from the networks in their site, and run advertisements along with it. It is noteworthy that in the month of November, last year the Hollywood executive Peter Chernin has joined the board of the popular networking site.

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