Tumblr Will Continue To Be On Its Wake With Acquisition By Yahoo- The $1.1 B Deal

It is expected for Tumblr to be in the acquisition of Yahoo with a valuation of about $1.1 billion. This has been said by numerous sources that are close to the situation. The acquisition news also includes the promises made by Marissa Mayer, yahoo CEO to David Karp, the CEO of Tumblr that there will be no forceful integration of Timbr with the other content properties of Yahoo. There seems to be a positive affirmation by the CEO of Tumblr.

The deal is supposed to be with numerous backend changes. One such change is the undergirding o the nascent business activities of Tumnblr which will open up more distribution opportunities. It has lo been said by one person that the initial phase will begin with a hands off and it is important for it to happen. However it should not be taken as a surprise for Tumblr employees. Even the optimized user base will also benefit with the deal. It is not likekly to encourage the takeover of the social media Tumblr by the huge social and user generated service.

Yahoo executives also discussed that they are aware of the issues that are related to the porn that was published in Yahoo and is expected to get fixed over with time. Mayer has spent a lot of time with David Karp to discuss about the transition and about the new ownership. She also discussed with David about the impact of the deal on the services of company. The CEOs of both the companies Yahoo and Tumblr have also been considered as “Kindered spirits” on this issue.

Sources says that Marissa Mayer has been given purview by Yahoo board, so as to foster the brand Tumblr for not to become like Delicious, Flickr and other similar acquisitions that have taken place back in GeoCities. Engineering and product entrepreneurs like Marissa Mayer who has also focused on them for Yahoo. This will perhaps have more demands of both advertising and business executives. This pointed out to David Karp, who has starting embracing ad sales recently at Tumblr in spite for his statement that he finds it hectic for advertising and it makes him sick.

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