Tumblr : A Recruiting Platform For Siemens

Teaming up with social media agency ‘We Are Social’ to launch a global recruitment campaign, The Manager’s Call which is 2-year program launched by Siemens aimed at recent college graduates aspiring careers in management that originated in 1922.

As Reported by the agency, Tumblr is used for this campaign to identify the “brightest minds” in regions around the world while driving interest in the engineering and electronics conglomerate and positioning the Graduate Program as a cutting-edge career opportunity for the managers of tomorrow.

The campaign would be aiming at creating debates ranging from topics such as future of work, the workforce to business insights and career insights that would be running from June to September. Every week would be inclusive of a different subtopic within these topics. For Eg.Generation Z.

The account director at We Are Social, Thomas Hirschmann claims that the speciality is that the campaign is global, so every week there’s at least one perspective from another continent. Tumblr is platform for the Graduate program participants where in they can upload posts based on the selected topics each week. Each post will be tagged with writer’s location as well as a hastag that would describe the subject like #roleofwomen or #socialrevolution.

Points would be awarded to the participants for commenting on posts as well as when others like their comments. Every Sunday week’s top participant would be receiving a medal. When the campaign has finished the participants with most points and medals will have a chance to win a place at an exclusive Q&A session with Siemens Manager in addition to the personal career coaching session.

The Campaign allows anyone to get involved by introducing a gamification element. For Eg. Users can tap into the discussion via their Facebook logins. Earlier that day Hirschmann said that We are Social has direct monitoring every week and Siemens managers are awarding participants. He added, “They’re very aware of what’s going on, so it’s a really, really nice way for interested people to get awareness at a very early stage – even before applying for the Graduate Program”.

The content streamed on Tumblr is also accessible via Facebook on the Graduate Program Facebook page. Graduate program consists of 3 eight month work placements at one of the Siemens 1700 locations with atleast one spent outside of the candidate’s home country.

Hirschmann further added that the Siemens Graduate Program is an old program that originated in 1922 and the idea was that Siemens discovered relatively early that they need to grow the next generation of managers for internal positions and what they did was set up a program to cultivate the next generation of people.

Facebook advertisements have been uploaded in order to target new graduates or students who are about to graduate. According the analysis made by Hirschmann himself he claims that over the last few years the behaviors of graduates, youths are changing and socializing resulting in which Siemens has decided yo use Social Web as a platform for recruitment.

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