How To Train Your Dragon 2 New Trailer Is Out

The latest trailer of How To Train Your Dragon 2 is out and is filled with a lot of wyrmy goodness. The basic plot of the story picks off from where it left 5 years ago.

The Vikings have the handy dragon-based transport and the longboats are used for suckers. They have the ability to explore vast areas of land in the island of Berk. Jay Baruchel plays the Teenager Hiccup. Along with cuddly Toothless, he is at the vanguard of the exploration. He is keen to explore the new world for its natural resources and coes across strange Dragon rider and Cate Blanchett’s dragon rescuer.

The fans of the 1st part of the movie would hope that this one replicates the success and keeps them engrossed throughout the movie. The prequel had genuine emotions and the character was made relatable as much as possible.

How To Train Your Dragon would be breathing fire in your nearest theater on the 4th of July, 2014. The teaser trailer of the movie would enthrall you in the meantime. Check it out in Youtube and you would enjoy the 2 minutes of the beautifully made trailer.

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