Top 10 Must Follow Web Blogs + 6 Web News Repositories

Well I thought it was about time I published my comeback article. Exams are over and a percentage of performance down-fall of WebMuch is something I don’t want Google Analytics to show me anymore. So I thought why not do WebMuch’s first round-up article, with a list of top 10 Web Design & Development Blogs that I follow on a daily basis, plus 6 top web community news websites where most web bloggers publish their article links. I guess this will be enough for your daily appetite for web knowledge & inspiration. Go Gobble.

Web Design & Development Blogs

1. Nettuts

2. Smashing Magazine

3. Instant Shift

4. CSS-Tricks

5. Noupe

6. Smashing Apps

7. David Walsh Blog

8. Speckyboy

9. Six Revisions

10. Web Designer Depot

Web News Repositories

  1. CSS Globe Community News
  2. Script & Style
  4. Devmarks
  5. Design-Newz
  6. Design Bump

For a little self promotion: there’s always Webmuch you visit.