Tomb Raider Is Soon To Be In Comic Series

After the game events, Tomb Raider will be out in the form of comic series and might end up with a sequel. Gail Simone, one of comic veteran, said to Kotaku that she is happy with the evolution of Croft. Simone told that Tomb Raider will have canon for its continuity and have a direct sequel.

Simone is doing the series with her immense interest in the classic and fresh Lara Croft. She is determined to keep up the game’s tone well. She was caught by the game through its story telling.

“I find a Lara who goes behind thrill and not the treasure. Though previous version of the game didn’t gave much emotion to characters, but it had fun. In this series, Lara has an attitude of an explorer and she is inquisitive who want an answer for everything”, said Simone.

Simone is overjoyed for being a part of the Lara Croft series and she is planning to turn the game away from the lonely setting.

The Tomb Raider series is set to release by 26th February 2014 and Simone is expecting it to be inexorable.

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