Toby Kebbell To Star As Doctor Doom

We saw last month that 20th Century Fox finalizing the candidate who is likely to play Victor Von Doom, the man who is said to be the primary nemesis of Josh Trank’s new project the Fantastic Four. Now it seem like the list has been finalized and the role has been given to Toby Kebbell.

With the project gaining momentum, the casting has been falling into place quickly. Which includes Miles Teller, Kate Mara, Michael B. Jordan and Jamie Bell are aboard as the four heroes Reed “Mr. Fantastic” Richards, Sue “Invisible Girl” Storm, Johnny “Human Torch” Storm and Ben “The Thing” Grimm.

Kebbell was said to be competing against Domhnall Gleeson, Sam Riley and Eddie Redmayne for the role of Doctor Doom the masked villain. The film is said to hit the screens from June 18 2015.

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