Titanfall, The Best Game Of The Show At E3

It has been reported by the Game Critics Award that Titanfall has acquired six different awards at this year’s E3 which entitled it as the best game of the show.

Respawn Entertainment’s Titanfall is an upcoming online multiplayer first-person shooter that was created by the former creators of the Call of Duty franchise.

The game was unveiled during the ending session of Microsoft’s press conference at this year’s E3 on June 10th. This game is a fast-paced online gameplay and the combination of playing as a regular grunt on foot and controlling a twenty-four foot exo-skeletal suits that are referred to as ‘Titans’.

This game can be played in PC, Xbox One and Xbox 360 by Spring 2014. It has been told that the game version is there for PlayStation 4. The game was published by Electronics Arts and it is a timed-exclusive for Microsoft.

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