Titanfall Rumours Continuously Flowing In

Titanfall is almost a week away from release, but a lot has yet to be known about the game. The internet provides in with various disclosures about the game, basically info regarding maps, modes and other little-little snippets. All this information comes from a Reddit user citing an anonymous source and so it can’t be assumed as absolutely correct. A leading website has critically compared the data from a number of posts, and also has obtained screenshots of nine maps, that are supposed to be a part of the game.

Perhaps the foremost attention-grabbing info is about those creatures we’ve heard a little about. Apparently, several of the creatures wander the surroundings – or skies – paying no heed to combat–till players interfere with them. Some others are aggressive and can respond even to players looking at them.
There will be 9 campaign matches offered to both IMC and Millitia factions. Every campaign match consists of 5 Attrition and 5 Hard-point games, with a story told through pre-match briefings and conversation in levels. Some “surprise” events distinguish campaign multiplayer from vanilla multiplayer.

Maps include ziplines, which have an ability to be traversed in all directions and heavy turrets, which can take down even Titans – but can be hacked to change sides.

According to this anonymous source, there are will be fifteen maps in the full game. Titanfall is all set to release on PC and Xbox One on March 11in North America, March 13 in Europe and Australia and March 14 in the UK and the other territories. The Xbox 360 version will be in, a few weeks later.

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