Tiger Woods PGA Tour 15 Cancelled By EA?

According to reports, Tiger Woods PGA Tour 15 has been cancelled for now, as a cost-saving move by EA Sports. The game was going to release in 2014, and be outsourced, giving the development team about two years to work on Tiger Woods PGA Tour 16 for the next-generation gaming consoles.


Apparently the plans for Tiger Woods PGA Tour 15 have been stopped as a cost-saving measure, after the resignation of John Riccitiello, former CEO of EA, last month, and because a few developers from the Tiger Woods team have been reassigned to work on other projects. Rumours say that EA Sports has gone through 10% loss of staff because of the restructuring. The most recent Tiger Woods PGA Tour game is Tiger Woods PGA Tour 14, which released last month, for Xbox and PS3 and supports both Kinect and Move.

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