Three Biblical Movies Lined Up For 2014; Poster Of Mary, Mother of Christ Released

The poster image from the upcoming movie, Mary, Mother of Christ was released a few days ago.

The film would be releasing on December 14 next year, according to IMDB. The film stars Israeli actress, Odeya Rush. The 16 year old is accompanied by Ben Kingsley, who would be playing King Herod. Julia Ormond would be playing Elizabeth, Mary’s cousin.

Recently deceased Peter O’Toole is also playing a role in the film- he plays an old prophet. The Bible clearly states that he was promised by God to survive until he saw the Messiah. Despite making a movie which revolves around religious sentiments, the actors are clear that it won’t be offending anyone and the story has a lot more to offer. Alister Grierson, the Australian Filmmaker would direct the film, produced by Lionsgate.

Joel Osteen, a megachurch pastor was signed as the executive director of the film in 2012. “Profits from the film’s script had been extorted from a Mexican businessman by money launderers and drug traffickers. I would hate to see the movie held up because of all that. It is out of my control. I just believe it will all work out”, Osteen said.

Two potential Bible-based blockbusters are lined up to release next year, and comparisons between these movies would definitely be made. Darren Aronofsky’s, “Noah” will premiere in March. With an ensemble cast including Russel Crowe, Jennifer Connelly and Emma Watson, huge expectations surround the film. The film would specifically appeal to Jewish and Christian audiences. Around $150 million has already been spent in filming it. The digital effects ate significant portion of it, though.

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