The Writer Of Precursor Games – Ken McCulloch Arrested For The Crime Of Child Pornography

The Bullet news of Niagara had reported that Ken McCulloch has been arrested by the regional police of Niagara. He has been arrested on the grounds of possession of child pornography as well as distribution charges. Ken McCulloch is the writer of Precursor Games, and also the artist and game designer. The police of the region have confiscated an amount of computer hardware. This happened after the search warrant was exercised in the house at St. Catharines. This has happened on the 27th of June, 2013.

The former writer at Precursor Games is no longer affiliated with Precursor Games in any manner. This happened after the company learned about the charges and its serious nature. This has been said by Paul Caporicci, the CEO in the statement of the developer of official forums. The employee profile of Ken McCulloch has also been removed from the website. It is now displaying a 4.4 server error if you attempt to visit the URL. The worst about this whole news is that McCulloch is still under custody and is waiting for the hearing of the bail.

Precursor Games had formed from the employees of ex-Silicon Knights. This is also known for the unorthodox and controversial attempts at the crowd funding of the Shadows of Eternals. The attempts have been temporarily cancelled. Shadows of the Eternals is the spiritual successor of the GameCube classic of Denis Dyack’s cult. The news reporters have also reached out for the comments of Precursor Games.

The writer is facing charges after the St. Catherine homes was raided by the police. The police of Niagara had executed the search warrant at this undisclosed address on Thursday. This is based upon the news that has been obtained from the investigation that had started in the month of April. The police have managed to seize many peripheral devices and computer system while the search was going on. The designer has been charged with only one court for the case of the possession of child pornography. This has made child pornography available and accessible.

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