The Smallest Gaming 14 Inches Laptop By Razer Blade

The 14 inches version of Razer Blade is to be announced by Razer. Razer Blade is the smallest gaming laptop and is thinner as compared to the usual standing dime. The laptop is .66 inches tall and the company is proud to have launched a thinnest laptop for a game. It is thinner than the thickest part of MacBook Air. Razer said that the notebook will have its beefy components even though it is so thin. It will come up with a core of i5 or i7 CPU.

The laptop has storage of 512, 256 or 128 GB of SSD ram. This implies that there is no hard drive in the laptop. There is more exciting feature of the notebook that includes a resolution of 1600 X 900 resolution screen. It has a remarkably good battery life of 6 hours and Dolby speakers to give out high quality sounds. It can be outfitted with the home theatres of the sound companies. The laptop is a mere barebones in terms of USB ports and it has 3 USB ports in it.

The HDMI port is added to it. The technology has been designed in such a way so that it is portable for the users. It is supplied with a power supply of 150 watt and Razer claims it to be one third of its weight in comparison to its competitor solutions. A detailed list of the specifications of the laptop includes an 8 GB onboard memory and a 4th Intel core processor. 64 bit windows 8, it is a 128 GB SSD RAM and has an optional 256 to 512 GB RAM. It has built-in stereo speakers.

The microphone has a combo pack of 3.5 mm of headphone and microphone combo pack. It has an array Microsoft and a Dolby speaker of Home Theatre v4. The laptop has a built in battery of 70 Wh made of lithium polymer, a rechargeable material. Raxer also has its anti-Ghosting Keyboard in built within the laptop. It is excessively light in weight weighing about 1.876 Kg and a Kensington Lock inbuilt in it.

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